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All new design replaces equivelant of 24 + blocks

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100% Compatible with TC6 and TC6.1

Instructions / Specs

Block Heights vs AE Blocks

Extreem Force Testing on You Tube


  • New tuning option to fine adjust dive and squat (arm angles) just like droop!
  • All new innovative design.
  • High impact field tested and guaranteed not to move.
  • Dial-a-Grip adjusts +/- .030 (Xray stock kit equivalent .75mm) travel in seconds not minutes with fine adjustment, 1/8 turn = .0025 (.06mm), 1.5 turns .030 (.75mm)
  • Factory pre-set neutral slot position achieved with adjustable set screw, flush = std. AE 0 block.
  • Quickly and accurately adjust to track temps and grip level with single block going from Anti Dive to Pro Dive or Anti Squat to Pro Squat with no block changes.
  • Top grade high strength / lightweight aluminum alloy with "high feed" no slip finish.
  • +1mm per side thickness means std. setup uses no shim.
  • Fully locking block that locks to arm pin on both sides eliminating the irritating plastic block movement and completely eliminates bushing to block to pin slop.
  • Package includes (4 or 8) adjustable blocks, stainless steel set screws, stainless steel 3mm washers.
  • 8 block package total weight only +5.5 grams over stock zero blocks, even less depending on 1mm shim used.

2 block sizes are now available that when combined expand beyond the entire 4 block AE kit range. Both are available in 4 or 8 pack to combine for every possible size with it's range with the all new Dial-a-Grip length adjustment.

The popular 0 block covers beyond 0 block in length by.75mm and .5 mm short of AE block 1.

The new 2 block covers from AE 1 block to 3 block (2 block is mid range setting)


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Associated TC6 arm block mounting system with Dial-a-Grip


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